You swear you are better, but better doesn't make it alright

Today I am going to see two movies. In a little bit I will leave to go see The Nativity Story with my family and some other families, and tonight I will see another movie which I can't remember with a group of my friends. It will be pretty awesome.

My drummer is leaving for Chicago this afternoon. So Bassist and Guitarist and I will be practicing all by ourselves until he gets back, like, a week before our next show. Yeah. Crazy. We need more music, too. This is going to be interesting.

It's funny how people care about you one minute and the next they don't really care and then they just go back and forth and it drives you insane. Yeah. I know a few people like that. I can also be like that at times. It's really stupid. Don't be like that.

I smell good because I put perfume on. I feel all royal and elegant or something. It's... weird.


Watch that. It's funny.



  1. What is the perfume called? *grins* Smelling pretty, is nice you know? ;)

    So you will have to practice crazy together once he( drummer) gets back to be in ready order?

    What you said in your third paragraph, I know what you mean! It is so annoying, but then I catch myself doing it too. Sometimes I think it is understandable. Sometimes I have a horrible day and don't care.

    I'll watch it.

    Hope you had fun at the Movies!


  2. It'll be interesting to practice without Benthedrummer, but it'll make the rest of you a tighter ensemble, I expect.

    You know what, that is horrible. I try to make sure I'm not like that, just like I try to make sure I treat people equally, regardless of social position or how annoying I find them, there isn't much worse than trying to figure out if a person dislikes you or what, at all times.

    I'm sure you feel elegant and royal, but perhaps it's just bringing out the elegant and royal side of your personality.

    I hope the movies were fun.