After all this time I never thought we'd be here

Gosh. Why am I so emo lately? I'm thinking too hard or something. I don't even really have anything to be emo over. Psh. Whatever.

So! I got some pretty awesome presents. Including a tea kettle, an electric guitar amp, a butterfly ring, and some scrapbooking stuff. It was pretty exciting and stuff. And on Saturday I'll get more presents! And then next Monday I'll get even more! And I'll (hopefully) get my license!

I'm far too thinkative today, I think. (heh. Ironic.) Or maybe I'm fine, and I just want it to go away. Really, I just want to be understood. It gets annoying not having anyone to talk to about some things, whether it's because the people you normally talk to wouldn't get it or it's just not something you want them to know or you don't think they want to talk about it. It's not like there are these heavy issues I want to work out, but still, it's nice to have somebody to talk to. I don't know. Whatever.

I think I'm a butterfly again.

I've eaten too much food the last couple days and I am going to gain a bazillion pounds. Well. Probably not, but it feels like it. And I could eat more. That's the sad part.

I am listening to the song that's been stuck in my head for the last week. Blind by Lifehouse. I adore this song.

Life goes on.


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  1. Very few people have anything to be emo over, but imbalanced thises and thats will do it to you.

    That's wonderful. What are the specs on the amp?

    I doubt it. Thoughtful is good. Everyone wants to be understood, and honestly, everyone ends up feeling isolated. Or perhaps I just do, and it's cryptic, but I don't think we four are that unique.

    Not that it's what you're talking about, but there is no topic on the face of the earth I am unwilling to talk about. Insufficient, obviously, but I like to do what I can for my friends.

    You're a good butterfly, I think.

    I hate the idea of gaining weight, I'm a thin little man.

    I've had songs I wrote stuck in my mind for the past week, arrogant cur that I am.