Seems like I waste all my time making rhymes

I'm attempting to knit some armwarmer gloveswithoutfingers things. It's going okayish so far. Not amazing, but I only messed it up once and you can't really tell. I will post a picture if/when they get done.

I really like House of Heroes. I hope they live a long life without getting too famous so I can always afford their CDs and they won't ever sound like all the other rock bands that get too famous. And I hope they don't get too many guitarists like Relient K, even though I really like Relient K.

Okay, I have to go shoppingish now. TEE TEE WHY ELL.



  1. That would be lovely. Both, I mean, if House of Heroes never got too famous for their fans and you managed to post a photo of the delightful armwarmers when they're completed.

    Relient K has too many guitarists, but a sweet new song.

  2. Sweet. Look forward to seeing what they look like.

    Be careful with those needles..and where you put them hazardly. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend Mara

    Could you share the link to the video you put on Youtube please. If that is okay.