Every time I try the words come out the same

You guys kill me.

No, that picture was not as random as I made it sound. I AM A FILTHY LIAR I TELL YOU. But regardless of whether or not that was random, I have better not random ones. That I believe only a select few people (including Taylor. Is that what we're calling you here?) have even seen. And it will remain that way, so don't try to convince me otherwise.

I am laughing still. You guys are great. Oh man. I need to get a life.



  1. I don't know what we're calling me. I don't even know what my name is anymore, actually.
    I think I know which better not random ones you're talking about. And I know some not random stories too. *evil grin*
    I don't know why I'm grinning evilly.
    This comment is almost as long as your post itself.

  2. I don't know the stories, and haven't seen the photos, but my imagination, and knowledge of facts will do double time to make up something worthy of such secrecy. *grin *

  3. Just for the record; you have a fine life, please don't get an auxiliary one, it will be a trial and tribulation to us.