This punk rock show is over, go home

Okay. I have to respond to those last comments, because... I just have to is all.

Ryan: Vanessa is Greek. I think it's Greek at least. I just remember what it means. [/crypticish]

Adri: My birthday is December 30th. New Years Eve Eve. It's an odd spot for a birthday.

Hans: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay. That cryptic one made my day. The not cryptic one was very not cryptic, but it was also funny. I am still laughing about the other one.

*still laughing*

In the spirit of answering comments (or something), here's a random photo. It's from the church retreat.

From left: Andy, Andrew, me, Emily

Em is by best friend fo'evah. Andy is my brother. Andrew is... a boy. Yes. They are my best friends.

Mara Tenille the Butterfly


  1. *grin *

    I am resisting, but barely, the desire to fire away at this entry, also, but I suppose, in this case, I couldn't be discreet about it, so I'll have to let things stand as they are. It's a lovely photo.

    We endeavour to give satisfaction.

  2. I'm barely resisting as well. Yes. Lovely photo. *grin*

  3. Woo! I feel delighted to be answered by the admirable Mara. Thanks. ;)It looks like a.... happy photo. *smile*(*has read above entry*)