I don't want to live, I don't want to breathe unless I feel you next to me

My God. Is. Like. Really cool.

Yeah, I don't even know what to say. Still.

I need a big, happy hug.


I'm going to go fly around or something. Whatever butterflies that are actually little girls do with their spare time when they're happy.

Mara Tenille


  1. *big, happy hug*

    I would've said that butterflies dance, but I've recently been set straight on the point. *wink*

  2. *another big, happy hug*

    I think you skip. Or maybe even frolic. Yes. At the very least, you drink lots of caffeine and feel the effects of that. *grin*

  3. *a third big, happy hug*

    I like Taylor's idea of skipping, and frolicking.

    Our God is good. All the time.

  4. Yes! Frolicking would be very good to do Mara.