Set, set, set, are you ready to go?

So! Hi guys! What's up?

Tonight I am going to Harmsen's to help get stuff ready for a craft show and possibly watch a movie(s). It will be fun. I am happy about that.

I have awesome music on my iTunes thing. I wish I had an mp3 player. Someone should get me one for Christmasbirthday. *cough*

I wish my name were Vanessa. [/cryptic]

Vanessa Mara


  1. I don't get why you wish your name was Vanessa. But I think Mara is a good name.

  2. You know you don't, really.

    You wish your name was Lois. [/cryptic]

    I won't get you an mp3 player, but I'll help stock it. [/not cryptic]