These thoughts run through my head over and over

I haven't been online in a while, so I thought I'd make sure y'all know I'm still alive. Yes, I just said 'y'all', and I'm okay with that. I'm Iowan, I can speak however I want and nobody knows the difference.

So, The Final Pardon has three possible shows coming up, including a gig that would be like, one song for like, 400 people. Yep. That's a lot.

Sooo I have homework and stuff so I jee too jee.



  1. Mara is alive! Hurrah.

    I say "ya'll" on occasion.

    That's tremendously exciting, the TFP gig, I mean.

  2. Hi, Mara!
    I say "ya'll" sometimes, too, and I think that people who make fun of the Y'all-sayers can just go give themselves swirlies, or something gross like that. *grin*

    That is awesome. 400 people is... a lot. A lot lot. Wow.