Grace is contagious when it gets out...

This time I picked them all out, rather than semi-shuffling them. Some of them are out of context. I don't really care. Some of them are also in funny fonts because of the copy and paste transition. I care more about that, but I'm too lazy to fix it. You can handle it, I'm sure.

You should all pick your songs too, because it would be fun to read. Do it, do it, do it!

Opening Credits:
Rude Awakening - Trevor McNevan

I'm just a pilot here
And things aren't always as they seem
Try a little bit harder now
Try a little bit harder than before

And I think that this might be the day that nobody
Nobody comes home
And I, it's supposed to be a great day for a rude awakening

Waking Up:
Up And Up - Relient K (this is the song that I wake up to every morning, actually)

Is not quite what it could've been
As were most of all the days before
But I swear today
With every breath I'm breathing in
I'll be trying to make it so much more

Cause it seems I get so hung up on
The history and what's gone wrong
And the hope of a new day
Is sometimes hard to see (what you see)
And though I'm finally catching onto it
And now the past is just a conduit
And the light there at the end is
Where I'll be

Cause I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up
Given up on what
I know I'm capable of
And I'm on the up and up
I'm on the up and up
Yeah there's nothing left to prove
Cause I'm just trying to be
A better version of me
For you
A better version of me
For you

First Day At School:
Alien Youth - Skillet

We're taking over the world
We're the Alien Youth
We're coming for your souls
We're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna
Shake the world
We're the Alien Youth
We're taking over, over, over
Alien Youth

Come on freaks let's go

Falling In Love:
For My Love - Bethany Dillon

Walk towards me
I want to hear
The heavens singing over you
When you breathe
And look at me
I want to be captured by you

Gaze into my eyes
And let me know you'd fight
Thousands, for my love
Slip your hand in mine
Ask me to dance with you tonight
Just ask me for my love

Ruby Park - Stallions Vs. Unicorns

Time Stops
He caught a glimpse of her face
They spin
At such a tranquil pace
She moves
In such delicate ways

I'm stuck in slow motion
The world is restless
This Hollywood moment
This night is endless
And in that red dress
She's beautiful

The Best Thing - Relient K (this is a long scene.)

Cause when I looked into your eyes
And you dared to stare right back
You should've said "Nice to meet you, I'm your other half"

This is the best thing
The best thing that could be happening
And I think you would agree
The best thing is that it's happening to you and me

Fight Song:
Put Back The Stars - Blindside

Put back the stars
I'm out of shape tonight
Pinhole black velvet
Navigation-skills got lost with the fading light
It was there not more then a second ago
Now what do you know, what i do know
Is just not good enough to make things right
Put back the stars
I'm out of place tonight

Ain't it something to know your lost

Breaking Up: (not that I plan on ever breaking up with anyone. IT'S FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT. [/flourish])
Love Affair - Copeland

In a flash a heart is slain.
You have to ask in all this pain
Was your heart too soft?
Was your love in vain?

Was your kiss too weak?
Were your eyes too tight?
And much too young to be in love.
Much too young to be in love.

Just let me run where I want to run.
Just let me love who I want.

I Hated Prom - Transistor Radio

Take my hand and spin away with me
And listen to your heart pound
Fade into the background
We move across the floor
My hands around your waist
That glitter on your face
I know that you're an angel
I just can't see your wings tonight

Take a bow, this is the last dance, but you don't have to go
On this clear and starry night
This is it, this is our last chance to find out what it means
To live forever in this moment

The Thirst is Taking Over - Skillet

Hold me down, hold me down
Drip it on my tongue
And my convulsions stop
Thirst for love, thirst for your love
I could swallow your beauty whole

You alone are what my soul needs
You know the thirst is taking over
Hardly breathe, I'm in urgent need
You know the thirst is taking over

Mental Breakdown:
Suicide Baby - House of Heroes

I'm sorry that I never called

I can't lose you 'cause you're my only one
I can't lose you 'cause you're my own

I must be crazy
Never thought it would come to this
And maybe
It's suicide by small increments
I'll admit that it's amazing
I cannot get my hands around it

So please come to your window
Been throwing rocks all night

Staples - Relient K

Cause it hasn't been that long
since you almost hit the tree.
Cause it hasn't been that long
since you hit the pole because of speed.

Do you remember
the ambulance it took you there?
Do you remember
they cut your pants your favorite pair?
They shaved your head.
Where's all your hair.

The doctor said,
"We need some staples for his head."
The doctor said,
"Another foot you could be dead."
The doctor said,
"We need some staples for his head."
The doctor said,
"You should have took the bus instead."

All you could hear
was kachunk, kachunk, kachunk.
All you could hear
was the doctor putting staples in this punk.

Same Problem - Waking Ashland

The same problem, coming to haunt me again,
And I know it's taken the best of my head,
The same problem tears me to pieces inside,
And I'm left to wonder why...

Oh, why can't I move forward?
Oh, why does my mind wander?
Oh, why does my heart desire you?

Getting Back Together:
The Way I Feel - Sanctus Real

Take a look at yourself
Are you wondering how
It's gonna work out?
And there's a way to escape
What you think is your fate
But you say it's too late

And I can't escape the way you feel
'Cause it's the way I feel
And it's surreal
And I cannot change
The way it is
'Cause it's the life that you live
And it's so real
I'm missing you still

Inevitable - Anberlin

Do you remember when we were just kids
And cardboard boxes took us miles from what we would miss
Schoolyard conversations taken to heart
And laughter took the place of everything we knew we were not

I want to break every clock
The hands of time could never move again
We could stay in this moment for the rest of our lives
Is it over now?

I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have
I want to be your last first kiss

Birth of Child:
Beautiful Love - The Afters

Larger than the moon, my love for you
Worlds collide, as heaven pulls us through
The secret of the world is written in the stars
I'm carrying your heart in mine

What a beautiful smile
Can It stay for a while
On this beautiful night
We'll make everything right
My beautiful love

Maybe a greater thing will happen
Maybe all will see
Maybe our love will catch like fire
As it burns through me

Final Battle:
The Last Night - Skillet

This is the last night you'll spend alone
Look me in the eyes so I know you know
I'm everywhere you want me to be
The last night you'll spend alone
I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go
I'm everything you need me to be

Death Scene:
Finest Hour - Matthew West

The king of contradictions strikes again
You said the last to cross the finish line will win
And the beggars will be millionaires someday
And the humble ones are gonna have their say

Well, all my friends are gone now
And all my money's gone now
And all my pride is gone now
And if what you say is true now

This will be my finest hour

Funeral Song:
How Long - Spoken
Rain is falling down all around me
I feel You on the air
Thunder speaks Your name
Ocean crashing down all around me
Sweeping me from the shore
The waves paint a picture of You
Love is falling down all around me

You're holding me so tight
Holding me to the sky

I know You are here
I feel You on the air

How long will the heavens cry out to You?
How long will creation speak Your name?

End Credits:
Angels in Chorus - Stellar Kart

I've lived in silence
Held on to you like
You were my
Private piece of truth
But everything's changing
'cause I can't contain
When there's a whole world
Waiting to hear your name

Angels in chorus
Join in my song
You are my glorious,
You are my God

Grace is contagious
When it gets out
Tears fall as my voice changes
Into a crowd
Together now



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