Why don't you come right out and say it...

Today has been good so far.  School was shorter (there are good things about early out Wednesday, after all), my hair is shorter, the wait until I go play tennis is shorter, and stuff!  Yep.  I got a haircut today.  It's basically the same, but she trimmed a little less than an inch off the bottom, and cut my bangs, and trimmed the layers.  It looks a lot better.  I was pretty nervous about it, because I hadn't gone to that salon before, but it ended up being better than the other place I go.  More expensive, but better.  So yeah!  That was good.

I heart Relient K.

Paradise Lost is confusing my poor brain.  Too.Many.Words.  Not.Enough.Punctuation.  Argh.

I hope Lighthouse is good tonight.  I hope the food is good, too.  I hope tennis is fun.  I hope I don't suck at it.  I hope Abigail is cute.  Oh!  I should probably proclaim her birth to the whole world.

Yesterday at 3:2something, Abigail Faith Casciato was born.  She's Gabe and Wendy's baby.  I am so excited.  Our small group is going to see her tonight instead of doing bible study.  I bet she's adorable.  I wonder if she'll look like Gabe, since Grace looks like Wendy.  Hehehe.  I love babies.

I need to send the letter I wrote to Elise.  Don't let me forget.

I am so excited about pictures tomorrow.  You have no idea.  It will be so much fun.  I am all hyperexcitedbounceupanddown.  Yes. *clap*

Okay.  I should go be productive.

Mara Tenille
The butterfly child


  1. Pictures are fun. I'm glad your haircut turned out well.

    Of course Abigail is cute. ;) She's a baby, and those always are. Right? I love babies. *laugh*

  2. Hurrah! I need a haircut, badly.

    I've never read it; you win.

    I hate to say this, the world being, as it is, stern and earnest, but I think it's physically impossible for Abigail Faith Casciato to be cuter than Patrick Martin Shenk.

    So there.