Surrender your love...

Savior  by Skillet has played on startup almost every time I've opened my blog today, which is a normally large amount of times.  So, usually when stuff like that happens, I try to find something sticky-outy in it and I ponder it for awhile to see if God's trying to tell me something.  The line in the title of this post stuck out at the moment, so I'm pondering it, along with other various occurances throughout the day.  I'd elaborate, but that would be sort of weird.  Y'all already know enough about my personal life.
Today is Wednesday.  I like Wednesdays.  They're nice and busy.  School was good.  Nate and I finished our project for Algebra.  We made a scatter plot showing the linear regression (I think that's what it's called) of the Democratic and Republican electoral votes based on the election years since 1844 or something.  It had very little correlation, but basically, the Republicans are sort of increasing in votes and the democrats are staying mostly the same, with a little decline.  That's what the line said anyway.  It was sort of a silly line, sitting there in the middle of a mass pile of pink and navy spots representing votes per year.  It made very little sense.  Much like this paragraph.
I think it's hilarious that people actually read my blog.  Why would anyone want to read about me?  I'm pretty strange and I don't make sense a lot of the time and I write about boring things like math and music and stuff.  I wouldn't read about me.  I would write about me, but I wouldn't read it.  Hey!  Maybe, since so many people like to read this, I should make a book of it someday and it'll be this uber famous best seller and everyone will like it.  Ha!  Not happening.  I would have to write about meaningful things more often.  Not that that would be a bad thing.  I like meaningful things, and I would like to write about them more.  I can go off on some pretty good tangents.  I wonder if people would pay to read my tangents.  Probably not.  Especailly since they can get them for free right now.
I'm IMing Em right now.  I like her. She's my favorite Emily ever.  There are some pretty cool Emily's, too.  Emily Jurgenbassface who's last name I don't remember, is pretty cool.  I can't think of any other Emily's right now.  So I guess those are my two favorite ones.
Leo's on the phone and I want to use it to call Kacy.  I want to know how baking is going. *laugh*
And now I should go get ready to leave for Lighthouse.
Mara the butterfly


  1. I know why I read your blog. Here are a few reasons.

    1. You are my friend.
    2. It is about the only way to stay in contact with you.
    3. You are quite interesting to read about.
    4. You are The Mara.
    5. You are the Awesome.

  2. Savior is probably my favorite Skillet song ever. Your reaction was a wise one, for certain.

    I forget how to do linear regressions. Already. *sigh*

    I've never caught you not making sense. Honestly, what better to be reading while online, eh?

    Well, what with your skills being that which they are, I'm sure you have the capability to, and probably will, write a book someday, and it quite possibly will be about some of the same things you blog about, but I bet people would pay more for the tangents.

    People being what they are, after all.

    I know tons of Emilys.

  3. Art! Ohmyword. You big wookie. *hug* [/UC]

    Mara you spelled democrat with a lowercase 'd'. I just did it, too. HA.

    OK, you have a Mae song on your 'momentary favoritism' playlist. I really, really like them except that their music is too...melty. Know what I'm sayin'?

    We're reading an article about Brad Pitt at lunch tomorrow. Mmkay?

    I have splatters of the Rietgraf's kitchen all over my knuckles.