Listen to your heart pound, fade into the background...

I feel better now.  Sorry to leave you hanging.  Actually, I'm only a little bit sorry, because this is my blog, and because it's just a blog you're under no obligation to care.  But since you probably do I'm a little bit sorry.  But just a little bit.
I'm hungry.  If someone brought me food right now I would hug them.
My watch finally met it's doom last night while I was playing in the rain.  I don't think it's coming back this time.  I sort of miss it.  I didn't realize how much I use it.  I am obsessed with knowing what time it is.  I'm sort of OCD about it even.  Crazy stuff.
Today Andy has a football game and he's playing.  His hand is doing well enough that he gets to play the last two games.  I want to go really badly, so I'm going to see if I can get a ride with Harmsen's.  That would be awesome.
Greg says he doesn't like me.  Normally, I'd be sad, but I don't really care.  We have a sort of love-hate relationship.  He agrees.
Alright.  I'm going to wait for the bell to ring, and then go find something to eat.
Mara Tenille


  1. I enjoyed talking with you last night even though it makes me want to look at your baby pictures. That way I can keep living the delusion that you're still an itty bitty baby.

    That being said, I'm proud of you, Sweet Girl. You are more a reflection of Him every day. Ohmygoodness. *hug*

    GUESS WHAT?!? (pretend I'm whispering now) We're going to DMACC in twoish weeks to meet with an advisor and to walk around with Em and all go to lunch together.

    And then I will come home and pull out your baby album again.

    Remember the video of us getting ready to go the hospital to have Sophie? The one where you're walking around in a diaper in high heels and a floppy straw hat? I'm going to watch that after I'm done with the baby album.

    I looked at Greenville's website, just so you know. We need to do some praying and discussing, don't we?

    Andy's game has been canceled because of rain, but Mrs. H. thinks they're rescheduling for tomorrow night. That should work for us to go. Did you remember to talk to Bass and Andrew about going?

    OK, this is ridiculous. You're going to be here in like ten minutes or something.


  2. Well I came back after you decided to come back..so it is all good. ;)

  3. *laugh*

    Well, aren't we strident today?

    I used to be more OCD about the time than I am, because I kept killing watches, and finally just gave up.

    If Greg actually doesn't like you..*trails off *

    ...Sometimes, I'm astounded at how dumb teenage boys can be. *laugh*

  4. Proving our conversation last night, I have pulled up your blogger in a tab so I can listen to your playlist. On Fire is an excellent way to start the morning. Though I just killed it when I moved to this screen.

    Your fabric rocks.