I'll give until there's nothing else, give my life until it all runs out...

Today I worked a lot and had lots of fun and ate Cheetos and drank Mountain Dew and got paid lots of money.  It was good stuff.

I think that I am going to attempt to make my first ever buddy icon. Just because.  I even downloaded the dumb font that all buddy icons use.  I mean, if you can't beat them, join them, right?  Maybe it'll be a really awesome buddy icon. *shrug*

I am sort of sleepy, and will probably go to bed earlyish, especially since I have to be at school at 7:20 for prayer group.  I think, hopefully, people will actually come this time.  That would be nice.  Not that the group of four we had two weeks ago was bad by any means, but you know, the idea is that we're getting people involved.  Still.  It'll work.  Maybe it should be every Wednesday rather than every other.  That might make it easier to remember.  But I don't know if people would go for waking up that early that often.

School is kicking my butt.  I didn't do any crunches today.  I ate lots of Cheetos, too.  But you know what?  Cheetos > abs of steel.  Not that I ever had abs of steel, or ever will, or even care, but you know, whatever.  That's just how awesome Cheetos are.

I miss chocolate.

Mara Tenille the Butterfly


  1. Dang. That is good stuff.

    If you can't beat 'em, go down swinging. [/idealistic]

    Although I think you chose the course of wisdom; buddy icons don't seem to be a hill worth dying upon.

    You know what the beauty of life is? It is this: cheetos, abs of steel, and crunches are not necessarily contradictory. I tell you, it, amongst other things, makes life worth living.

    I don't, particularly.

  2. Your bigger little brother schooled me in Mancala.

    He also made some Egg Nuggets for breakfast. They are his own culinary creation. *nod* He offered to make some for lunch.

    Ian wrote and performed an ode to ramen noodles. With choreography. Using that baby guitar with the broken string.

    They are fighting over cheese right now. Hope it doesn't come to blows.

    Speaking of which, I'm still thinking about those boxing gloves. I used to box with my dad all the time when he came home from work. We would lay a blanket on the floor for our boxing ring and he would stay on his knees. I think I was only six or seven at the time. We should do it. You kids aren't too old. It could be like some sort of legacy. Yes. A boxing legacy. He only almost knocked me out once or twice. Grammy was ticked.

    Actually, you would be a little frightening in the ring. Seriously. You're stronger than you look. Someone needs to take you down just once. *laugh*