Take a bow, this is the last dance, but you don't have to go...

I found Transistor Radio's album on Amazon.  I think that once I can earn the money I'm definitely going to buy it.  That's just how awesome I think it is.  I hope they get famous.

I am definitely getting senior pictures taken on Thursday. *giddy*

Tonight is the homecoming game.  I'm sort of excited, actually.  It's been more fun this year than last year for me.  I borrowed a shirt from Jessica so I could be all school-spirity.  I even wore blue eyeshadow and glittery stuff.  Not because I'm hardcore, just because it's fun.  Mom doesn't really like the bright eyeshadow thing, but I think it's sort of fun and highschoolish.  It's homecoming week, so I think she let it go more than she would normally. *laugh*

Facebook is sort of a fun website.  It really is.  It's not really like MySpace at all.  And some of the applications are actually cool.

I have to go now.  Have a lovely night, if you read this before nighttime happens.


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  1. I recognized a song line from one of your recent blog posts! That entire phrase paints a really powerful picture...

    The fearful always preyed upon your confidence
    Did they see the consequence when they pushed you around?

    The arrogant make kingdoms made of the different ones
    Breaking them until they've become just another crown

    Lifehouse is intense, which is probably why I like them so much. *laugh* This one is pretty moving as well...

    Fulfillment to their lack of strength at your expense
    Left you with no defense
    They tore it down

    Don't believe the lies that they have told to you
    Yeah, not one word was true
    You're alright, you're alright, you're alright

    Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to undo the lies we've bought into about ourselves? Thank goodness for God's truth.

    Speaking of which...I thought of you last night as Gabe was reading Isaiah. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was having a Mom Moment.) Don't ever, ever forget that as beautiful as you are to any of us, God sees even more beauty in you because He sees you so perfectly. You are a treasure to Him, Marabelle.