Patron saints, are we all lost like you?

I'm at school being slightly bored.  Greg, Jessica and I are trying to come up with awesome nicknames for ourselves, and we can't really think of anything.
Oh, I checked my score on the test yesterday.  I got an A, but I missed 4, and I really want to know which ones they were.  I guess I'll find out later, but right now it's annoying not knowing.
I forgot to tell Andrew that I'm eating lunch.  Andrew, if you read this, I'm eating lunch, so yeah.
Today, since it's Wacky Wednesday, I'm wearing a vast array of silly clothes.  It's sort of funny.  Rainboots, orange striped knee socks, black striped leggings, green athletic shorts, black t-shirt, orange tie-dye tank top, pink Mardi Gras beads, pink scarf, butterfly necklace, blue hat, green and pink butterfly wings, and blue and green eyeshadow.  Pretty crazy stuff.
I'm drowning out Daniel's dumb music with my awesome music.  It's working out pretty well.
I have nothing else to write about.  This concludes the blog post.
Mara Tenille, the butterfly child

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  1. Your costume sounds downright astonishing. I do hope you took photos.