If you're my dream, please come true...

I've done too many crunches this week already.  It hurts to laugh.
Geometry test today.  That'll probably be okay.  I hope I don't blank like I did last time.  That would be so stupid.  It's not like it's a very hard class.
Algebra is easy.  I got 102% on my last test.  Extra credit is awesome.  I'm going to try and get my overall grade in Digital Communication above 100%.  That would rock.
I think I'm starting speech next week.  Not sure how I feel about that.  Choral reading sounds sort of boring, but sort of fun, and so I'm a bit torn.  I guess I can just drop if it's really stupid.  Hopefully it won't be though.  It would be nice to actually participate in something.
My fingernails have problems.  They're sort of short and ugly and some of them are cracked and they when I do actually let them get longish they're funny shaped.  Some people have really pretty fingernails.  I am not one of them.  But that's alright, because I have bigger priorities than my fingernails. *laugh*
I'm tired today.  Work wore me out yesterday.  You don't know how tiring typing stuff is until you have to do it for a really long time.  But that website is going to be pretty awesome.  I'll definitely link to it once it's done and up and everything.
Tonight is the last Ballard home game.  I think we're going.  Andy said he might come, and Andrew and Kacy might, and I don't know who else.  Then tomorrow is the church work day, which could go well or could go badly depending on how many people show up.  Like, if there are only six people it'll take hours and no one has fun, but if there are lots and lots of people, then it's fun because you get to actually work with them and it gets done way faster.  Faster is good.  I don't mind that at all.  Hahaha.  But yes.  That'll probably wear me out too.  And then Sunday night is the TobyMac/Thousand Foot Krutch/BarlowGirl concert, which will rock, but will also wear me out.  So basically, I'm going to be a very tired person by the time next week rolls around.
I am so behind in Brit Lit.  It's going to take forever to get caught up.  I really, really don't like how I can miss one day and feel completely overloaded.  Much less two or three, which is what I'm at now.  And Paradise Lost takes way too much mental energy for catching up to be even remotely easy.
Alright.  Class is almost over.  That means so is this blog.
Mara Tenille


  1. Dang. You're a model student, by the sound of things.

    Church workdays are such an iffy proposition.

    It is 4 am. I have been awake for a very, very, long time, so I apologize for the probable fact that I have the approximate mental function and worth of comment that an exceptionally dull three-year old might have.

    While you're at it, I was also very tired and distracted when I replied to your e-mail, so if it doesn't make sense, stops in the middle of a sentence, or is complete gibberish, you shall know the reason.

  2. On the bright side of British Lit, we are reading Peter Pan this week, it is short and there is not much reading to do so you'll have a chance to catch up this week. Anyhow, see you in a little while.