What has love become? It's not like we used to hear in those old songs...

Isn't it beautiful? *glee* I think I'm going to get it. There are several that I like, but this one is in first place so far. eBay has some that are really gorgeous. I want them all. They are lovely.

I wonder what other people will wear to the masquerade. I found some pretty neat Phantom of the Opera masks. They're pretty cool. That would be a pretty awesome mask to wear. And when we were at the Theatrical Shop the other day we found an awesome Batman mask. That would be cool too. You could do some really awesome stuff. I think Kacy is going to wear his blue disco suit. Jessica might go as Idea Girl. Kristin is just dressing up as far as I know. Other than that, I don't really know what people are doing. I think it'll be fun though. I'm really excited.

I need to recolor my playlist so it matches. It'll probably just be black. Black is cool, anyway.

I got Emily the best birthday card ever, and I can't tell you about it, because she might read this. I'm pretty sure she never reads this, but just in case, I have to keep my bases covered and stuff. It's the best card ever. It owns everyone else's cards. Seriously. It's hilarious. I'm excited about it. Hehehehe.

I wanted to make cookies today, and we have no vanilla. It was really sad. They would have been delicious.

Ohohoh! I finished Peter Pan today. I loved it. The end was the best. I now adore that book officially. I recommend it.

Well, I think I'll go finish Geometry now.

Mara the butterfly


  1. Whoa. I can't stop giggling. That mask is fantastic. And this masquerade sounds like it's going to be insanely fun.

    Okay, don't forget to tell us about the card after Emily sees it. *laugh*

    And thanks for reminding me to pick up Peter Pan. I've loved it from afar for quite a while... but it's probably time to actually read it.

  2. The card is so incredible that Sophie and I both want one. *wiggles eyebrows* Seriously. It makes me laugh. Hard.

    We are going to Skillet, Mara. *rawkfist*

    We are also going to The Bourne Ultimatum. Except not you, Marabelle. Sorry. *pats Mara's head*

    You can just hang out tonight at home, knitting and watching a documentary on Johnny Milton. And drinking tea. And figuring out your church clothes. (Wear a dress!) And polishing your nails. And reading your library book. And schooling Sophie in Mancala.

    The song in this blog title used to confuse me. Maybe it still does. I would need to remember it more clearly to know for sure. Anyway, I ask the same thing Aaron Marsh does. Dad and I listened to a tape this morning about what God sees as success in a marriage. The speaker used the example of Jacob and Rachel. He made some really good points about commitment vs. the idea of "falling in love". How is this relevant for you? Because of how it applies to all relationships. We're all going to listen to it at lunch some time. After all...I love you, therefore I torture you. *laugh*

    Hope you're having some nice "girl time".


    I am always alarmed when Hawk Nelson pops up on here.

  3. You make me wish I was going to a Masquerade, however, I still don't feel like going to the Veritas one.

    Black matches everything.

    Aw, man. I wish I could see the card.

    Vanilla loses to mint, but just barely.

    I'm still not sure if I ever read Peter Pan. I suppose I should read it again, just in case.