Who's gonna call on Sunday morning, who's gonna drive you home...

Today, being Wednesday, is my favorite day of the week.  After school, which ends at 10:30ish due to the early outness of the day, I will go home, read Peter Pan, eat some lunch, read Paradise Lost, do the homework that I probably won't have, sew the button onto the sleeve of my orange corduroy jacket, do more school because school never ends, go to Lighthouse, go to small group, and go home again.  And then I'll sleep for some hours, and then wake up, and then it will be tomorrow.
You know what's annoying?  I'm finished with all three projects that aren't due until Friday in this class.  It's sort of boring now.  And really, I can design way more awesome things at home because I can install new fonts and filters and brushes and stuff, and here I'm just stuck with the default Photoshop files.  Photoshop is a better program than GIMP, but it would rock way more if I owned it.  Someday when I'm rich I'll buy it and then use it and it'll be cool.  Or maybe I'll just work with GIMP forever, since really, GIMP serves my purpose just fine, and it's free.  Either way, I'm a pretty happy camper.  Can't really complain.  At least, not seriously.  I complain for no real reason with no real harsh feelings a lot of the time, and really don't complain about the things that really bother me.  It probably tends to get confusing for the people that know me.  Or maybe they know me so well that they realize that, and then it's all good, and no one is confused, and we can all be happy and understand each other.
My email inbox has 759 MB of stuff in it.  That's sort of a lot.  I have almost every email I ever got since back in the day when I got this email address.  Because I'm a packrat.  Muahahahaha.
Class is over in 10 minutes.  Hoorah.
I might redecorate this blog.  I'm kind of getting bored with it, but I still sort of like it, so I'm torn.  What colors should it be?  Maybe I should revert to the old templates so I can put a nifty one on it.  Or maybe I should just recolor it and then be happy with that.  Or maybe I'll leave it. Who knows?  I might try it and hate it and then change it back.
I really need to re-string Erick's guitar.  I should try and do that this afternoon.  Or tomorrow.  I don't think anything is happening tomorrow, so I should have time then.  Today might be really packed with stuff.  I forgot to ask Andrew if people are going to play tennis this afternoon, assuming it's still warmish and not windy.  I would like to play, because it's fun, even though I'm not very good at it.  So, hopefully that will work.
Four minutes.
Mara Tenille
The Butterfly Child

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  1. GIMP is quite a handy little program.

    Wow. Yeah. Your inbox kicks mine in the face.

    I think blog redecoration is an excellent idea, in fact, I'm going to start complaining about the colors, because they're a little thing that actually doesn't bother me.

    Ew. Mara. How long have you had your blog like this? How long are you planning on keeping it like this? Gross.

    Warmish and not windy is fun. Yesterday, I jogged my two miles when it wasn't warmish, but it was definitely windy. It was anything but fun.