You'll leave but never get away...

I love stealing song lines. I can make them mean whatever I want to. Context is great, but when I want to say something else, I have no problem disregarding what it means in it's original sense.

I miss my friends. All of them. The far away ones, and the nearby ones. It feels like it's been so long. Ugh. I miss them.

I hate computers. I wish I'd been born before they existed. They keep breaking. *angst*

This morning I played a baby grande. It was awesome. It made me want to learn to play well even more.

I'm uploading my MtlFest pictures to the Photobucket now. That makes me really, really happy in a really sad way.

I miss you all.

Mara Tenille


  1. Context is great, but Dark has now been manipulated in my mind to be pretty much entirely about leaving California. I requested it twice on Radio U in the two first days I was home.

    I miss the far away ones more, at the moment, to be perfectly honest, I just feel disconnected from my friends at home, many of whom I saw this morning, but who were all busy hanging out with their faraway friends.

    I love computers. They introduced me to some of my best friends.


    It also makes me feel entirely too bittersweet to know what to do with myself. *chuckle*

    Same here.

  2. Commenting!

    I am still feeling bittersweet about MtlFest and all. Hi.