[We totally couldn't think of anything to put here.]

This blog is about someone. Who is that someone, you ask? We have no idea yet. 'We' being myself, Kacy, and Emily. We're bored, we're hot (take that one how you want to), and we're blogging. So now, we'll interrupt this rather pointless string of sentences to decide who we're actually going to dedicate this blog to.

[insert long discussion here]

Okay. After a long and intense discussion where Bass abandoned us and then came crawling back multiple times leaving Emily and I to think this out, we decided to blog about Marisa Simpson. Because she's awesome. And she has some crazycool scrapbooking things. Like little letter typer things and stuff.

Kacy says she helped put some sort of cream stuff on his hands one time. And he broke their mower. Twice. I babysat her kids one time and she didn't know what to pay me, so she wrote this elaborate system and ended up paying me something really weird *laugh* That was awesome. Emily saw her go through the Starbuck's drivethrough one time while she was working.

Yep. Basically, we all have fond memories of Marisa. But despite the fact that we love her, we don't really have anything else to say.

Mara, Emily, and Kacy


  1. Were there anything for me to say, rest assured, I'd say it.


  2. I love Marisa, too. We giggle and sometimes we hug each other. I've also seen her cool letter typer things. *awed whisper* But she has never put cream on my hands and I have never even touched their mower and I know she loves coffee, but I've never seen her at Starbuck's. I SHOULD TAKE HER THERE. I'M DOIN' IT.

    Her husband and kids are awesome, too, by the way.