Sweet home Alabama, where the skies are so blue...

This blog is dedicated to the best little big brother ever, Andy.

Andy rocks. Andy is the sort of person who will wack me with a Twizzler and then when I tell him it hurt, wack himself with the Twizzler, and then say 'Wow, you're right!' without apologizing or feeling the least bit of guilt about it. Unless it really did hurt badly, in which case he'll eventually feel bad about it, but not unless I end up with visible proof that he injured me.

I've always said that if I die a tragic death, it will be Andy's fault, and it's still true. He's insane. But so am I. Together our insanity has created many near-death experiences and random acts of stupidity. I'm surprised I'm not dead yet, actually. But you know what? It's totally awesome. Life would not be nearly as cool if it weren't for all of the stupid things Andy and I do. Life wouldn't be nearly as cool without Andy, period. Andy's just a cool guy. Everyone needs to do something really stupid every once in a while, right? Like breaking trampolines or playing tag on bikes or shooting tomcats out of the upstairs window and stuff. Yeah. See? You're just dying to do something stupid now, aren't you? Andy is a pretty spiffin' guy. He makes life more interesting. But seriously, one of these days he's going to kill me, and it's going to be freaking hilarious.

Mara the big little sister


  1. Why "Sweet Home Alabama?"

  2. That's our song. We own it. Yep.

    I'm assuming you're Kacy. You really need to figure out your password. *laugh* Although if you're not, you really need to sign up so I can see who you are and then don't get confused.

  3. I have nary a negative syllable to breathe about Andy, since, after all, he loves my name.

    I vary who I do stupid stuff with, and often do it by myself.

    Of course, if he kills you, humor notwithstanding, I shall be furious.

  4. Dear Andy,

    I know you probably won't read this since you are not a computery person, but you should know that, while I don't mind any of the adventures you go on with my daughter and whoever else may be present, I will be devastated if you should cause her death one day. Let's try to avoid that, shall we?

    I would also prefer that you keep yourself alive as well. It's a pretty big deal to be on my list of favorite people and I'm not sure how long dead people are allowed to stay on it. You should not take that for granted.

    I'm sorry about your knuckle, but better your knuckle than your neck.

    Mrs. D

    P.S. Someone should forward this message to Andy for me. Or I can just tell him the next time I see him. Which I'm surprised hasn't happened in the last 24 hours. *laugh*

  5. Yeah, Andy's an awesome guy, and an awesome friend. I feel sorry for all you out there who don't know him.

  6. I feel sorry for me for not knowing Andy. *tear*

    But I'm happy because Mara's playlist is extremely singalongable! Yay.