Welcome to existence, everyone's here...

Something fishy is going on 'round these parts... :shifty:

Yeah. Hi. You know what I hate? When there isn't anyone you feel like you can go to. Like all your normal people you vent to are insufficient, and there's just not anyone. Like, you just want someone to whine at, but you can't for whatever reason. It's dumb. I hate it. But we already covered that.

Copeland is a good band. So's Anberlin. I'm going to see them in two weeks! I am really excited for LifeLight. I also want to see Stellar Kart and Project 86 and Leeland and some other bands that I forgot. Yessss. I'm happy.

Tomorrow we're going to the Science Center. I like that. The Science Center makes this homeschooled nerd a happy one. Hoorah.

I miss my notebooks. I should go write in them or something one of these days.

Mara Tenille


  1. I am glad you got some of your whining out, honey. *hug*

    You know what? You are a special girl. It may be sappy, but it's true. God is doing lovely things in you. I think more people should notice that. [/Mom]

  2. Mmph.

    I hate that feeling.

    Anberlin is a fantastic show. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself to death.

    Science Center? The name sounds intriguing, if nothing else.