Thorphiliate stinded yilla billa zay, wentora yate paravillintiniay, paravillintiniay...

The next few posts are going to be dedication posts for people, because Kacy asked for one, and because I decided that it would be sort of fun to write blogs for people. So I'll do them until I get tired and feel like using my blog for my own selfish purposes again.

This blog is dedicated to Kacy Parker Bass. You asked. I didn't even make you wait until you got married. Good luck getting that done in the next year, by the way. Let me know how that works out. *wink*

Kacy is hilarious. The guy tells the truth extremely rarely, and so when he does, no one will listen because he always lies. Like, constantly. And they're hilarious lies. Like the time he tried to convince us that when he was a baby he was an extra in the Swiss Family Robinson movie, and the story got more and more elaborate until eventually his entire family was the main cast of Swiss Family Robinson. The world just wouldn't be the same without Kacy's absurd lies. His absurdities make life better. It certainly adds an interesting element to any real story he tries to tell us. *laugh*

But in all seriousness, Kacy is a really cool guy, and I'm not just saying that because he asked me to dedicate a blog to him. Today he taught me to play ping-pong, which was really fun, and we had some really neat conversations. When he's not making up some absurd story about something, he has really good things to say about life and about himself. Adam was right when he told him to tell the truth more often. *winkwink*

Mara Tenille Dickens

PS) Mom wants to add that on Sunday night Kacy gave himself a bad case of milk belly after chasing a jalapeno pepper with half a gallon of milk. Consequently, I had no milk for my raisin bran this morning. I was crushed.


  1. Great post. Great title. Throughout the post you wrote the word lie too much. I think the word "lie" should be interchanged with "joke". Anyways, I am going to stop "lying/joking" so much. I seriously am going too, so you need to help me out on it.

    I am now probably one of you top 50 favorite readers. You made me a fan 4 life. Instead of trying to think of something funny to write, which could potentially end up being a lie, I will just say thanks 4 the trib.

    Kacy Bass

  2. Hey! Kacy!

    I need to meet you sometime, now.

  3. Hello. Hans. Mara told me that you live in Ohio, sweet. Do you live in Sandusky?

  4. Kacy, you need to log in. *laugh*

    Hans, meet Kacy. Kacy, meet Hans. You guys would make the weirdest, most hilarious pair ever. Hans, this is yet another reason you should come to Iowa this winter.

    Good job not lying/joking, Bassphalt. I'll keep after you on it. So far you've only told one lie that I'm aware of, and that's pretty good, so keep it up.

  5. Coincidentally, I am going to prove myself a liar by commenting on all of the dedication posts after assuring Mara that I would not post again. See? Liar. *proudly points to self*

    This IS a great tribute to Kacy. I hear he is working very hard on being more truthful. And for this we are very proud of him. Now he just needs to quit singing "Escape". *laugh*

    I am glad that we are allowed to have lots of favorite people because Kacy is one of mine. And by the time I'm done commenting on dedication posts, it's going to be obvious that my list of favorite people is very, very long. Rest assured that it's still exclusive enough to be meaningful. *grin*

    No one will probably even read this. *laugh*

  6. What does Mrs. D have against pina coladas? or gettin caught in the rain? or the sound of the ocean? or the taste of champagne?

    Just Joking. I'm done with that.