I'm the type of person who lets fear drive...

I really, really like Amazing Because It Is. A lot.

So, I have signed up for Xanga several times just so I could read other people's blogs, because no one likes Blogger, so they all have Xangas and they don't like getting stalked so they make me have Xanga too so I can see it. Which is fine. But today I actually used my most recent screenname, butterflychild2405. Yeah, it has numbers on the end, whatever. Leave me alone. *laugh* Anyway, I think I'm going to use it to put all my digital renderings and whatnot on it. That would be sort of neat, I think, and that way I can actually do something with it so it doesn't just sit there. And maybe someday, after this blog passes 200 posts (eight away!) I'll convert and use the Xanga instead of this, even though I don't like Xanga. It could happen. Maybe I'll end up liking it. You never know.

That said, Mom's stealing the computer. Which is fine. I'll just steal it later or something.



  1. Actually, I really like your blogger. It's empty enough that it feels more special.

    I'm glad that you had a fantastic time seeing people again, and getting back into the swing of things. Here's to more of the same, eh?

  2. It is a long time since posting in here. Too long.

    I told my friend Justin about you. He is an amazing guitar junkie and Subway indorcer(sp) He thinks you rock. (which of course you do)