Jump in and go and we could drive for years, we could feel alive...

Today was sort of stupid. I have felt nasty and sickly all day, and everyone else is getting sick too, and my best friend is done with youth group, and stuff. I don't really remember. I had way more to whine about, too. I love this blog. It's the best venting machine ever. I write whatever I want. And I don't care that you're reading it right now. Ha!

I am exhausted. Not the sort of sleepy exhausted, just sort of that crabby, icky, I'm-done-now exhausted. For that reason, I'm going to go sleep now, because it's already far later than I wanted to be awake.



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  1. *cough*

    Well, we, the royal we, I suppose, since I don't pretend to speak for the aggregate All, don't care either. Which we mean in the best possible sense of "don't care."

    We, the royal we, can understand your exhaustion.