I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself...

Today was fine. It was reallyreallyreally good at times, and really fun, and stuff, but it reallyreallyreally sucked at times, and was really lame. That averages out to be fine. I make sense.

Today was Sam and Tonia's going away party. They're the two foreign exchange students who go to youth group and stuff. Anyway, it was a fun party, but there wasn't a whole lot of talk of them going away, I think because it just hasn't sunk/sunken/sinked (hehe) in that they're really leaving. At least, not for me. I'll probably cry when they leave. Actually, I probably won't, because I never cry really. I wish I cried more. *sigh*

I'm sort of moody and annoying. Sorry. I can't really help it much. Not that that's going to stop me from blogging about it, because this is, after all, my blog, and you have to listen to me, and you're free to stop reading at any point in time. Just know that I'm tired and sort of crabby, although also high on happy fumes of partyness, so I'm weird.

Tomorrow is going to be warmish. 77. That's pretty warm. We're supposed to have isolated thunderstorms though. Those are fun. But not when you want to lay outside in the grass.

This place is so lovely
It kind of makes me very happy

I like Eisley.

Mara Tenille, who is a butterfly.

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  1. Yesterday was too warm.

    I wish I cried more, also. I suppose it's just something one has to make peace with, eh?

    I think you can speak for the "moody" but I know you can't for the "annoying' part. You really needn't apologize for being moody, or for using your blog as you like.

    77 is a nice temperature--at least, it beats the stuffing out of 90.