Three sleepless nights, this isn't how it's supposed to be...

Today I have to give a guitar lesson (I need to start getting ready. I need to leave in a little more than half an hour), and then we're going to Andrew's baseball game, assuming it doesn't get rained out again. Then I'm pretty sure we're not doing anything the rest of the day, other than maybe some schooly things, but I'm not sure. The biology stuff isn't in, so who knows.

Yesterday was church and Overflow and Jermaleah's wedding shower. It was adorable. Probably the cutest shower I've ever been to. I don't like showers with games, because I think they're silly and sort of pointless, so this one was nice. All the peoples got to go up to the microphone and give Jeremy and Aleah their blessing and whatnot, and it was very sweet, and Aleah cried lots, and Jeremy cried, and Mrs. Harmsen cried, and Mr. Harmsen cried, and Mr and Mrs Aleah's Parents cried, and I think Andy cried, and I'm not sure if Emily cried or not, but she probably did. Wedding showers are cry-y, I guess.

I'm sleepy because I just woke up. *yawn*

My fingernails are gold sparkly stuff. I don't think I like it.

Yesterday at Overflow we played a big game in teams because the freshmen moved up (I'm a junior! That sort of makes me happy). We had to film a movie that started with the line "My momma always told me..." Our team went to this wooden bridge in Huxley and filmed our movie about the scary bridge dweller who killed off most of us because we hadn't invited him to Overflow. Then, two of the girls invited him and then he got saved and didn't kill people anymore. Ricky was the bridge dweller, and he put on this weird accent, and it was hilarious, and I died first, and then when they did the shot where we're dead at the bottom of the bridge I moved because they didn't warn me and I didn't know they were shooting us yet. Em got on my case *laugh* "MARAE. YOU CAN'T MOVE. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. NOW IT'S RUINED." But we still looked pretty dead. Other than the moving and giggling. Despite the moving deadness, our movie still won, and was really stupid and hilarious. Sophie's team did one about the ninjas who say "ni!" and that was pretty funny, but it was hard to hear what they were saying.

Okay, Mom needs the computer. Bye all.


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  1. Lazy summer days are hard to beat for moments of creative joy and just general enjoyment.

    Weddings are a crying time, in general, I think, but they're a freakishly nice time, too.

    I have three weddings of people close to me in August/September. *sigh*

    I'm not sleepy, and my fingernails are normal-colored, and I like it.

    Ooh! That game sounds absolutely fantastic. I did something last night that I should tell you about on IM sometime, but I can't speak about in public. [/secrecy]