What a beautiful smile, can I stay for a while...

I should probably blog before I leave for the retreat. Heh.

So! Tomorrow morning at 6 the youth group will leave for Wisconsin! I'm very excited, and almost completely packed. However, I need to get some laundry out of the dryer so that I can finish up. Then I'll be basically done.

Mom and the other kids are going to the pool this afternoon. I think I'm going to stay home, because I have to go and try to buy cigarettes again today and this way it will be less complicated. After that, I'm going shopping with Em and Mrs. H. That will be fun.

Apparently, something exciting happened at Andrew's game the other day. I want to know what it was. And Mom won't tell me. So I just asked him in email format! Now, he just needs to check it and reply and then my curiosity will be appeased. I wonder if I used the word 'appeased' correctly.

There are some really, really, really bizarre stories in the news.

Laundry's done. I'm pretty sure all I need now is a flashlight. Dad's in charge of getting those, because I'm pretty sure that all the ones in the house are broken.

My fingernails are pink, silvery green, and purple striped.

I should go be productive now.


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  1. Oh, right! I'd forgotten. Your mom told me about that in passing. Have a great time!

    How was your luck, this time?

    Interesting. He probably hit a grand slam, or something similar.

    Yes! THERE ARE! I was reading yesterday's Columbus Dispatch and came across a story about a government official shooting his wife because he thought she was an intruder ("He rolled over, grabbed the shotgun from the corner of the room and fired once"), and two stories about hitmen. Thankfully, the wife didn't die.

    Your fingernails have multiple personalities?