If you would be my punk rock princess I would be your garage band king...

The tobacco buying was pretty awesome. I didn't get any, which is good, because that means the cashiers are doing their jobs. Emily bought some Mike's Hard Lemonade though, which was hilarious. The detective lady we were working with said that all the booze goes to the detectives that work on that stuff. That was funny, too, for some reason. We had a good time, and we have lots of funny inside jokes and stories now.

Matt was talking about the song Punk Rock Princess, and I knew it was a song, but couldn't remember it, so I'm listening to it now on Rhapsody. I think Rhapsody is legal. Anyway, this song is silly but sort of cute.

I went to Emily and Andy's house after our awesome undercoverness and then skit practice to hang out with some friends. We played badminton, ate cereal and s'mores over the stove, and watched Pirates of the Carribbean 2, and stuff. It was awesome.

Beside Nothing rocks.

Mara the butterfly

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  1. The Era of Mara The Undercover Agent of Right and Good appears to have been an unmitigated success.

    The after-party (by another name) seems like it was a dang good time, too.