Bless the day this restoration is complete...

I have a whole two minutes to blog before I should leave. I think I'll probably exceed that. Heh.

I ate a yummy burger for dinner. I like meat.

Tonight I'm leading worship for Ichthus. For real this time. It'll be good, hopefully.

Acanthus is a cool word.

I wish I liked my band's name. I don't really though. Not that I can complain, because if I really wanted to call it something different I shouldn't have caved to The Final Pardon. And it's not really that big of a deal. So I'll just roll with it. Yep.

I should get going.


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  1. Yeah, well, such is life.

    I've been skipping dinner these past couple of evenings. Dashed shame, that.

    You didn't really, last time?

    It is.

    I wish my band had a name that no one else already had. You could call your band "Mara and the Final Pardon" that way you wouldn't be in The Final Pardon, you'd just be in a band with an absolutely dreadful name.

    On the other hand, you do have it somewhat luckier than a band in this area. They call themselves "Not Empty".