It was just like the sun, but more like the moon...

I didn't wear the cool Indian scarf. But I will on Wednesday. Elise and I are going to wear them and be super duper flowy scarf cape twins.

Youth group was nice. It was good to have Gabe back. I attempted to play Volleyball/keep the ball in the air as long as possible, but I am just really, really awful at it, so I sort of gave up. I still tried though. Volleyballs just aren't my friends.

Tomorrow I'm giving little Ben his guitar lesson, going to Andrew's baseball game (he's supposed to be pitching. I haven't seen him pitch yet this season), practicing/co-leading jr. high VBS worship, doing the skit for VBS, annnnnd I think that's it. I hope that's it at least, because I can't remember anything else. Why do I keep forgetting things? *angst*

Alright. I really need to get to sleep.


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  1. Yeah, well, volleyball just takes practice, like everything else.

    Wow. That's a pretty busy schedule, notwithstanding the things you forgot.

    I hope VBS goes well.