I'm falling out of style with the current way things are, the things that make conforming hard...

Well, I'm still stupid, but I'm a happier and less annoying stupid person. I think at least. I hope I'm not still being annoying. I mean, I'm always sort of annoying, but that's just sort of normal for people in general. I hope I'm not excessively annoying.

I really should get to sleep soon because church is tomorrow. I did get 12ish hours of sleep last night, which was quite nice, so I'll probably be fine.

The show went well. We had some equipment issues so we ended up going literally unplugged (except Andrew because of that whole issue of basses not being loud on their own), but it was kind of cool and fun. We made a total of $45.45 and each ended up with $18, except Ben, who got the odd $1.45 just for showing up. He tried to save our lives by getting a microphone top stand clippy thing, but it didn't work. He still rocks for trying though. And just because he's a cool guy. Andrew and Josh rock too. So does Josh's brother Nate. He's my favorite Moklestad. Hehe.

I had a latte with hazelnut and Irish creme (cream? Huh...) and it was absolutely amazing. I've never tried that before, but since it was free, I decided to add stuff to the latte. It was so good. I loved it. Yum. I also ate a bagel and cream cheese. That was yummy too. Cafe Diem is the best ever.

Earlier today was Jessica's 16th birthday party. We went roller skating at this old sk00l skating rink in Ogden. It was lots of fun. I hadn't gone roller skating in years. I got okay at it. I still fell lots, but I'm just sort of a fall-y person. I wonder why that is. I sort of do tend to fall more than anyone else. Huh. Weird. Oh well. *shrug*

Tomorrow is church and Leo's family birthday party and Overflow. In Sunday school we're having a hott par-tay/ brunch thing. For Patrick. Because he's been asking when we can have a party forever now. It will be fun. There will be lots of food.

Okay. I'm running out of things to blog about. Goodnight people!

Mara Tenille

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