Cover yourself in construction paper hearts...

Yesterday happened, and when it did I gave a guitar lesson, went to Andrew's baseball game/games (the first one was pretty awful, but the second one was good. If only he had pitched the first game... *laugh*). Then had VBS and stuff. VBS was not so bad. The sit was fine. Apparently the sound guy was mad at us for switching mics so often, which we didn't really have much choice in. It's lame enough that we don't have lapels. But whatever.

I need to gooooo sooooooon. So I can practice for the show Saturday. The band has a show Saturday, did everyone know that? Now you do. I think it will turn out pretty good.

I need to go soon and I am wearing no makeup. Oh. Dear.


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  1. Go without makeup. I'm sure you'd be dazzling, anyway.