When darkness turns to light it ends tonight...

My song lines aren't scary to me. I would have put the entire line of the last one, but it would have been really long, and I generally (but not always) try to avoid having really long ones. *shrug*

Work was good today. I did fun stuff. Like, I picked pictures that Rick is going to send in to a wedding magazine, and I put the photos in a wedding album thing. It was pretty neat. I thought so, at least.

The software for my mp3 player is working pretty nicely so far. I am still a big Windows Media fan, but this is pretty decent stuff I think. However, it's not uploading music to my mp3 player the way I'd like it to, and that's frustrating.

I am tired today. Yep. We all knew that was going to happen.

Today I performed for my Algebra II class. That was weird, but fun, but more weird than fun. Carrying a guitar around school is terribly inconvenient for everyone involved. It was sort of fun, but I don't recommend it. I had a yummy juice thing. That was nice. Ummmmmmm. I wrote out a pass! I've never needed a hall pass before. Yeah. So I guess my day was sort of random. It's been good so far though. Can't complain.

One of these minutes I need to take Sophie to karate and then go see Wendy. Yay!



  1. Ah? So the wedding magazine's pages will bear a faint signature ala' Mara Dickens? Impressive.

    A great basketball coach once said that tired is a state of mind for young people. I try to believe him, mostly.

    Oh? What did you perform?

  2. I carried a guitar around a large hotel in Anaheim, which was quite inconvenient and awkward, so I feel your pain. At least you didn't have to get on an elevator with it? *laugh*
    Hi, Mahwuh. We suck at being online simultaneously. *acorns*