Looking at you, holding my breath, for once in my life I'm scared to death...

I am up way, way later than I should be.  This is going to suck tomorrow. *laugh*

Tonight was small group and all the other Wednesday stuff.  It was good.  Right now I'm installing the software for my mp3 player, with hope that it will work correctly after I do.  We'll see.  Tomorrow I have to work at 1.  That will hopefully go well.  I can't imagine it won't, but you ever know I guess.  I'll probably practice filling out orders and answering the phone.  Those would be good things to practice.  I hope I can get everything done tomorrow.  School is intense.  There is not nearly enough time in the day to get everything that I want to done.  It's so crazy.  I really should have taken Sociology and Psychology this year at DMACC.  I really wish I'd thought of that last year.  I should sleep.  I need to sleep.  Yes.



  1. We're both up insanely late, but you ARE asleep NOW so that's good. And at least we covered a wide range of topics. Let's see...

    the selflessness of the New Testament church

    whether "dating"/courting is a matter of age or maturity (Sophie wasn't letting me squirm out of that one, was she? That girl's a bulldog. Good grief. *laugh* Wait a minute...why was she so interested in that?)

    methods of dealing with perversion during advisors (No, you can't wear that shirt. *stare*)

    homecoming and the caveman decorations that you won't get to see (Aww...does that make you sad?)

    freaky contacts


    the naming of my future grandchildren (Billiam, Tomothy and Bobert are going to be adorable little boys, I'm sure. *stare*)

    That is pretty impressive and that's not even half of it. *laugh*

  2. And I, conversely, am up way before I should be, and, being the sucker that I am for instant gratification, can tell you that it sucks, already.

    There has never been enough time in my days for several years now, school or no.

    Is there any particular reason you wished to study the workings of the human mind on a college level, this year, specifically?

  3. I think it's because she is ready to be an adult, Hans. Once you have a vision it's hard not to head toward it.

    Mara, your song lines scare me sometimes. Is this one from the new Lifehouse song?

  4. Mm. I was just wondering if it was some specific program-of-study related reason, such as "you only get one elective in two years unless you take Sociology and Psychology" etc.