I'll sing along the whole day through...

Today was sort of awkward. I have a cold or allergies or something, and I am all sore and sort of groggy, and that's lame, but it's really not so bad except that there are very few things I hate more than blowing my nose. I also had homework today that was really confusing for me, and that was frustrating. However, there were lots of fun things about today too. Like how I wore lime green eyeshadow even though one time a long time ago a certain person said they didn't like lime green eyeshadow. I thought it was fun and sort of hilarious for some reason. It gave my whole day a nice lime green tinge of happiness. And, I got to see most of the second half of a football game, which was supposed to be an entire football game, but apparently I was confused and thought it started an hour later than it really did. That was still fun, even if we missed most of it. Today it was officially decided that Josh and Andrew and I are practicing tomorrow. That's going to be fun and awesome, because it always is.

So, that was my day. I think the awkwardness of it was just because it had good things and it had bad things and there wasn't much in between, but I liked it. It was a good day.

Tomorrow I'm making dinner. Spaghetti and homemade breadsticks. I've never made breadsticks before, so we'll see how they end up. I hope they're tasty. That'll be sort of new and different and frightening and fun I guess. *shrug* I think I'm looking forward to it. That's a good thing. Yep.

I should probably go about finishing my Brit Lit now and then get my laundry done. It needs to get picked up off the floor so that walls can start getting built.

Mara Tenille


  1. *laugh* I'm surprised you actually remember that comment. It had to have been over a year ago, and I think I was talking to Bethany when I said it.
    Anyhow, my dislike must have passed because I noticed yesterday but really didn't mind it.

  2. Do keep the world updated on the homemade breadsticks situation. There's a great deal of vested interest in homemade pastries, in my corner of the world. *cough*

    Brit Lit was a bugger-ish course, only faintly surpassed in bugger-ishness by American Lit, whose main message might as well be "American Authors are even more morbid and depressing!"