I just wasted ten seconds of your life...

Today school was sort of blah.  Not bad really, just boringishly normal.  Aced my test in Algebra.  Finished my baseball t-shirt in Dig Comm.  It's pretty cool now.  It was sort of ugly before.  I got a nasty stomachache during Dig Comm.  It's gone now though.  Tomorrow is our first Geometry test.  We'll see how that goes.  I never really memorized all the formulas for finding area and circumference and perimeter, and we need to know them, so I need to work on those.  Most of them are easy, so it won't be hard.

I would really like to have a bigger, nicer mp3 player.  I don't really need one, and there is no way I can afford one any time soon, but it would be nice.

The new Relient K CD is awesome.  I love it.

I think I'm going to do chores and school and then take a nap.  That sounds quite lovely.

Mara the Butterfly

PS) Kacy says I'm not a butterfly.  I think he's confused.  Or maybe I'm just silly.  Or both!

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  1. Good luck on your test tomorrow.

    I've been debating a larger Mp3 as well, 512MB is not nearly enough.

    Kacy is definitely confused. Of course you are a little silly, I think Kacy is more confused than you are silly though.