All I've got to say is I must have done something right...

Goodness, life has been crazy. I like it though. Yes. It can stick around.

LifeLight was amazing. I wish I hadn't gotten so tired and worn out. I probably came off as a jerk a lot more than I had intended. I also probably intended to come off as a jerk when I shouldn't have. Because really, you never should come off as a jerk. All the same, LifeLight rocked, everyone got along well in my opinion, TobyMac and Tait played Jesus Freak together and were amazing, Anberlin is still the best ever, and I bought some awesome t-shirts, two of which are somewhat politiocally incorrect which makes me happier than it probably should, and I most likely won't wear the more politically incorrect of the two because it is so out there, but it will sit in my drawer and I will grin at it. Here! I'll find a picture of it.

Here's the one I probably won't wear much:

Annnnd here's the one that I got for free that is hugely large and needs to be modified, but that I will most likely wear:

And here's the rockin' Anberlin shirt that I got for cheap because it was the display one and had pinholes in it:

Aren't they awesome? They make me so happy. *grin*

I should probably go do Algebra before I sleep off these leftover concert fumes.

Mara the politically incorrect butterfly


  1. I'm glad to hear it, but utterly unsurprised. These things generally turn out something like that.

    Ooh! That's an awesome Anberlin shirt, but I still like mine better.

    And, finally, I can't help thinking that if I ever got a chance to buy the "out there" shirt, I would, thus making it at least eighty times as "out there."


  2. Yeah, lifelight was amazing. I didn't think you came of as a jerk, but Kacy might've, but he deserved it he was acting weird.
    The shirts are awesome. I really like the Anberlin one.
    I really like the blog post title. Excellent song.:)