You will find that I'm everywhere you go and I'm all the things that you want to be

The Final Pardon (my band) is playing a show on Saturday night. If any of you live somewhat nearby, come. If you don't, then I'm sorry because we're really cool. Or something like that. Anyway, we will have fun and stuff. This afternoon we are practicing, and then Saturday we will practice some more, and then we will chill for a bit and then we will play the show. It will be lahvley.

Speaking of the band, if you think of it prayer would be lovely in the area of our hearts being in the right place and not freaking out if it's not perfect and getting well-practiced in the little time we have. We are relying on God to pull it all together, but it is always helpful to have others put a word in.

Also, pray for me at school to reach out to the kids. There are some pretty lost people here. I'm having kind if a hard time. Having to listen to them so often wears on you a bit, you know? Anyway, that would be wonderful.

I need to work on memorizing stuff for various reasons. Script, bible verses, class schedule, etc. Haha.

Jesus is pretty much the coolest guy ever. Like. Seriously. He's like... the glue holding me together right now. It's rather nice to have the king of the universe on your side.

Copeland's new album is going to be good. I am very excited about it. I'm not sure if what I've heard is quite as good as their last two albums, but it is still awesome because they are Copeland and so they win. Or maybe no one really wins this time.

Copeland > sliced bread
Copeland < Jesus
Copeland > lawn chairs
Copeland > puppies
Copeland < oxygen
Jesus > oxygen

There are my nice Copeland comparisons. They are a result of boredom on my part. Graphic Design is not the fastest-paced class ever.



  1. I like your comparisons, and i have to agree with all of them. Although I dislike this commenting system intensely, because it preys upon my lack of short-term memory.

    Having the king of the universe on one's side is without doubt the most amazing phenomenon in history or the universe.

    Persistance will pay, I think, with the kids at school.

  2. Oho. I see all. I am logged in because I'm logged into Gmail.