They spin at such a tranquil pace

There are lots of broken computers in this computer lab. It's odd.

So, there is this person who I used to see every day at various things, and I am having to adjust to the fact that I have not seen said person since Sunday and I won't see said person again until tomorrow. And after that I won't see said person until Sunday again. No wait, I will see the person on Saturday. No one really cared to hear any of that, I'm sure. But this is my blog, so I suppose I can write whatever I want in it, even if it lacks any value to anyone else.

Today I get to babysit Carter and Owen again, which makes me happy. I miss them. I was going to bring a video that they like but I didn't want to miss the bus and so I didn't have time to grab it.

Stallions Versus Unicorns = love

It's cold in here. It's cold everywhere.

Hmm. I wish I had money for Skittles. Oh well.

The Butterfly


  1. Mara, if I can prattle on about how the English definite article ("a") takes an alveolar nasal ("n") before a syllable beginning (phonetically) with a vowel, then you can talk about this. *grin*

  2. I love skittles too! Trivial matter but I must be heard. *dramatic**bangsonpots*