I don't know if it'll ever mean a thing

So. There's the band. We like to think we're pretty cool and stuff but you don't have to agree, even though most people do, even though we're just a bunch of high schoolers, most of which are homeschooled. The show went well. We got second place, which earned us $50. Second place is excellent, especailly with 4 practices and being up against a band that's been together for a really long time. We did quite well, and had an amazing group of people there to support us and just to hang out. It was really awesome. So, in this particular picture, you can see myself (vocals and rhythm guitar), Andrew (bass), Ben (drums), and Josh (lead guitar and vocals). Josh hasn't actually done any vocals yet, but he probably will eventually. Anyway, yeah, so we are The Final Pardon. We are going to try recording on Saturday at Blinks up in Ames so we can put some stuff up on our MySpace and PureVolume. Then, we will get our unofficial cameraman, Jeremy, and our unofficial cameraman's super graphic design girlfriend, Aleah, to take and edit super awesome photos of us in all of our bandness. So then we will be like all the real bands. Haha.

Anyway. I need to go.


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