Don't you know, don't you know we love you?

So, today I woke up. Early. Because my brothers insisted on playing video games at early hours of the morning. Like. 6 AM. Which is like, half an hour before I normally wake up. But I went to bed at like, 8 or somethig after taking a really long nap so I'm very awake and happy. Not being tired is a really nice feeling. I haven't been this awake in a really, really, really long time.

So, I went to school after I woke up. Actually I showered in between there but you don't care about that. So I rode the bus, Rounds tried to unzip my backpack and I told him not to, I got off the bus, I went to Mrs. Maclaughlin's room and made the kid I tutor do his homework. Then I went to Graphic Design, where I worked on more stuff, and then I went somewhere that I don't remember during advisors because I don't have anywhere to be during that time, and then I went to Algebra, and then I went to lunch. I had chili and oranges and chocolate milk and I think that's all. Talked to EmilyAmy'sFriend and Leopold and Nic and Kacy. Then I went to the library and did some homework.

I talked to Andrew in the hallway on his way out of class. Apparently he fell asleep during chemisrty yesterday while chewing on the pick I gave him. Actually he said he wasn't quite asleep. Only kind of. I thought it was funny, because I can't see him falling asleep in class. I also enjoyed the appearance of my guitar pick in the story. Because I like me.

After I talked to Andrew I went and walked around and did more stuff and walked some more and then went to Mrs. Maclaughlin's room again to work on my window. My window is a glass box thing that hangs on the wall in the front of the school and has pictures of all the service hour students. There are technically 4 windows, and my job is to keep the pictures current and to arrange them and to make sure that the service hour student people are given the t-shirts that they earn for their various levels of service. I didn't get much done today, but I'm going to finish it on Monday, I think.

Then I came home and made some monkey bread and talked to Emily. We might go to a football game tonight.

Tomorrow is (I believe) the cleaning day at the church. I will be going to that. And cleaning. A lot. For a long time. But there will be food!

Mom is home now so I'm going to go give her a hug.


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  1. Hello Mara! I just wanted to let you know I pray you have a blessed weekend. I thought I would stop by and see what your blog was like.