Staring out the window with the memory running down your face

Sometimes people are so insanely wonderful that you can barely stand the thought that they consider you a friend. Like... you almost feel unworthy. Maybe I'm the only one like that, I don't know, but every once in a while I am just struck by how amazing the people around me are, and how amazing the God is that put them there. Ugh, I can hardly stand it. I don't even know. I am just... so insanely fortunate. Life would not be the same without this. I am convinced that I know the most lovely people on the face of the planet. God is so wonderful. I would be so completely worthless without him and all he's given me.

God, I love your children. Why do you put so many amazing people here for me? I deserve none of this. And yet it's always right there, at my fingertips. Everything I need is provided for me. Oh God, I love you so much. You are so amazing. So incredibly simple, and yet complex beyond my understanding. You never change, you never shake, you never need a shoulder to cry on, and yet you're right there for me. Oh God, I adore you. I love this life. Let me live it for You.

Mara Tenille


  1. Mara, I know exactly how you feel. I have some amazing friends as well, that I totally do not deserve at all, who just blow my mind sometimes. You know one of them ;-) (his name starts with a J) and the rest you don't.

    I really like this blog. The author is brutally honest with herself, and that is a side of her I like to see.

  2. I think I will blog read in here often.

    Mara, I listened to your song: 'Now I Lay Me." I have heard people mention it before, so I thought I would check it out. I really like the acoustic guitar in there. Your voice in that song kind of reminds me of Jennifer Knapp. It was good.

    You reminded me to think about all I am blessed with in that post.

  3. Also, I think your comment that you know the most lovely people on the face of the planet deserves some comment:

    As Christians, we view others through the eyes of grace. Honestly, if I were not in Christ there are so many imperfections that I could pick up in others. Steve curses a bit too much for my liking. Paulman is kind of awkward. Susie is too sarcastic sometimes and a bit over the top. Sarah has a hard time..keeping herself together..

    But honestly, when you view people through the eyes of grace rather than Law, you see people whom God has loved rather than people who need to shape up. And I think that makes all the difference. You see people (Christians, at least) as people that God has breathed His spirit into whom you can listen to and glean wisdom from and who can come along side you and give you a brotherly (or sisterly, as the case may be) hug and encourage you, rather than imperfect people. It's all about a worldview of Gospel versus Law.

    Praise God that we've been *liberated* from the Law as a system of life and, praise God, as a worldview, and can now see through the eyes of grace!