I can't keep up and I can't back down, I've been losing so much time

Today was a day of many hugs, as was last night. And there will be many more, I am sure. Yes. So, for the purpose of this blog, I am going to talk about normal insignificant things that everyone blogs about all the time.

I might be buying an electric guitar from Pastor Gabe. He's bringing it tonight for me to play with. It's black. It's generally referred to as "the dumpster guitar" because it was found in a dumpster and then fixed up and such. So yeah.

I had a Dr Pepper today. It was the berries and cream kind. Yep. It was good.

Ummmmm. I'm listening to Lifehouse. Hence the title of this blog.

You know what? This is crap.



  1. I hope the dumpster guitar is awesome. The Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream is excellent. You're right. It probably is crap, but the tiny things in life never really matter, we normally just don't notice it.

    I love you, Mara. Not like large eyes, drumroll hearts and sugarplum dreams, I don't think, but as a friend. You are incredibly important to me, and I shan't stop praying.

  2. I feel kind of out of place. I don't know you very well, I would say we are more of an online 'acquaintance'. To me, you are one of those people that make me wonder, "What are they doing, what are they up to?" An 'interesting person. *smile*

    This blog entry reminds me of my inability to make anyone of my friends/surrounding people better (in any aspect) just in myself. I alone do not have that power. I can think I can, but it is only a part of which I am doing. It greatly depends on the individual themselves and how they take every situation that passes them by.


    I shall pray as well.

  3. I second what Mr. Hans said (and I think I know who Mr. Hans is, but I am not going to reveal his secret identity).

    Your blog isn't crap. Your blog is sort of a public testament to the work that God is accomplishing in your life. You can be as brutally honest in it as you want, and the rest of us can just read and you can delete any stupid things you don't like (though not without reason, I hope).

    Don't conk out this blog on us, Mara. Please?

  4. Hey, Mahwuh. You are loved. You are being prayed for. And don't forget that. *hug*