I know that I can't fly, but when I'm in your arms I'm holding up the sky

Today has been a wonderful day. One of those days where the only reason you want it to end is so that you can see if tomorrow is as good.

I went to the football game. North Polk won. Something like 47-8. It was rather boring, actually. But I had a little bit of hot chocolate and sat with a blanket and some gloves and was all warm and stuff. It was nice.

Tomorrow I am helping to clean the church. Hopefully it will be fun.

I am really sleepy. *yawn*

I don't reply to comments because I don't want this blog to be all about replying to stuff. I would like to keep it more blogging and less conversation. Every so often I will try to reply or mention my comments. I do read them all, so don't stop posting them!

Anyway. The end.

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