Sing like you think no one's listening

Hello few readers of the most awesome blogger ever!

I don't feel well. Beyond that I am alright. I had an odd day. I can't exactly say it was unpleasant, but it seemed to lack many good points and had many mediocre ones that I could have done without. For example, I was late to the hallway. That will sound really weird to anyone who is not me. Also, I had to drive with the instructor today, which wasn't that bad, just weird. Leahla (my driving partner) forgot her permit so I didn't get to watch her drive. Not that it would have been terribly entertaining or anything. There were just lots of little things like that. Although I did help some people in school today. A foreign exchange student and a new girl. But still. It was not really a fantastic day.

And now I need to go sleep off my tiredness.



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