We're all gonna die, but we're all not meant to die young...

The computer is doing much better today. It's all de-virused and stuff.

Kacy and Andy came over. They got bored, I guess, so they ended up over here. We started a magical kingdom. With a password and everything. It's pretty sweet. And I learned to ride the moped! I'd never been on it before. That was fun too.

It's sort of weird that I can type faster than this computer can make the little letters show up. I type really slowly, too. That says bad things about this computer. We should get a new one, but not with Vista on it, because I don't think I like Vista. I haven't really used it much yet, but still. And Mr. Vespestad says it's lame, and he's a computer guy, so it must be dumb.

I have a friction burn that the scab came off of earlier today. It's pretty gross. Hopefully it won't scar all nasty like the other one I got from ice skating. This one's from riding horses without jeans.

I like Blindside.

I'm tempted to make another MySpace, but I'm not going to.

I'm getting bored pretty quick here. *sigh* Maybe I should go get a candy bar or something from Kum & Go. That would be sort of fun. But I don't really need a candy bar. But I want one. Hmm. Tough decision.


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