Hey Amanda, where'd you find these crazy boys this time?

The party was fun. I know how to dance slightly less badly than I did before. And my intellect has been slightly numbed by watching that retarded movie. *laugh* The Stupids definitely lives up to it's name.

Tonight is practice for the worship songs in the wedding. I have two or three CDs to loan Andrew, assuming I don't forget to bring them. This morning was practice for worship on Sunday, which is at the park. That's always sort of fun. There's a potluck, too, which means we'll have yummy food afterwards.

I think the frozen pizza is done. I'm hungry.



  1. I think you "lend" CDs, and he "loans" them from you. I think.

    Potlucks are amazing. As is frozen pizza--In general, I applaud.

  2. Haha, The Stupids... my cousins all think that movie is hilarious and awesome and stuff. I'm glad I judged it appropriately from the title. *laugh*