If you get lonely give this song another listen...

I'm all back from Wisconsin again. Yep. There's not really a whole lot to say about the trip. It was fine.

Tomorrow I'm going to the pool, I think. That will be nice. I like the pool.

I'm listening to some super secret Lifehouse b-sides. What is a b-side, technically, anyway? I'm going to look it up on everyone's favorite Wikipedia!

"B-side songs are released on the same record as a single
to provide extra "value for money". There are several types of material commonly
released in this way:
-a different version (e.g., instrumental, a
, live, acoustic
version or in another
of the A-side
-another song from the same
, which the record company does not
want to release on its own
-a song not considered good enough for the album
-a song that was
stylistically unsuitable for the album
-a song that
had not yet been
completed at the time of the album's release

I get it now.

All of a sudden my computer is double spacing. Weird. Convenient, though, since I double space everything.

I hope I have friends going to the pool tomorrow. I'm going to make them all go. Muahahahahaha.

It's later at night than it feels like. I don't like that very much. That means I have to go to bed soon. I'm sort of tired though, so that's probably good. And I have to babysit in the morning. Implying that I have to actually wake up at a decent hour. Which I haven't done well at lately.

Why do I chop up what I say into little itty bitty grammatically incorrect sentences when I type? It's annoying looking. I think it's because that's how I would say it though. Like, when I don't use commas where I should, it's because if I were to say it out loud it would all run together without a pause there, so I don't feel the need to put a comma in.

I feel sort of annoying and ugly and dumb these days, to be perfectly honest with you. Don't know why. It's sort of stupid.

Sophie is in Wisonsin at Lifest, Leo is at Rietgrafs with Josh, and Ian is upstairs. Just so you're aware.

I watched Flushed Away with Emily and Elise tonight. I'd seen it before, so I already knew it was a bad movie. Don't see it. It's lame.




  1. Well, technically, Wikipedia is right, but they leave out why they're called B-sides at all.

    B-sides were originally on records; the second side of the record would include bonus material that, for the reasons wikipedia listed, or whatever, wouldn't make it onto the actual album, which was the front, or "A" side, and the cool extra stuff was on side "B". *informative*

    Your writing and your speaking mirror each other closely, and both are charming, so I wouldn't worry about it, unless you're typing a paper or business letter or something.

    Pssh. You are absolutely and totally none of those things. I know few people who are less any of them than you.

    Dangit. That Tanner kid is winning. Time for a Jordanpic!

  2. Hey There Delilah! Yay.
    You are not annoying or dumb and certainly not ugly. You probably already knew that, but it's nice to be reminded occasionally?
    Flushed Away was the happy animated movie of choice that was watched after the not-very-scary movie at the sleepover I went to a couple of months ago. I declared it stupid and slept through it. Ridiculous "scary" movies about spiders don't keep me from sleeping, I guess.