Look me in the eye so I know you know...

Here are some photos. I almost lost them forever, along with all the other photos I have, because our hard drive got screwed up. But Dad fixed it. And now it's saved. Hooray. Anyway, here is a boy and me sitting at Jermaleah's wedding. There were other people there at our table and stuff, so don't get weird looks on your faces. Then, there's a picture of all the girls and Kacy Bass, because he wore the light blue disco suit to the wedding. That was awesome. Bass is a cool guy. He's fun. Then there's a picture of me and Zach, who is at my house right now. We got caught in the rain. He's from Wisconsin. He's pretty cool, too. Yep.
Today I'm going minigolfing! In the cool blacklight place at the mall. Kacy, Andy, Em, Elise, Zach, Tanner, Sophie, and probably more people are going, so it'll be pretty good stuff. I don't know that I've ever minigolfed. I think it'll be fun.
Gotta go make mac'n'cheese.

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